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In today’s world, mobility has become necessary in personal and business endeavors, as it has completely transformed how we’ve carried out essential tasks so far. However, with the growing concern for our planet’s well-being, electric mobility has emerged as a game-changer, allowing us to make a positive impact by reducing our carbon footprint.

NorthCharge, we firmly believe in embracing electric mobility as a crucial step toward creating a sustainable future. We offer the best EV chargers tailored for homes, businesses, and fleets, enabling seamless adoption of sustainable operations.

Our range of tested EV chargers and solutions is designed to meet various needs. With our advanced charging technology, you can experience fast, easy, and safe charging for both residential and commercial use.

Whether it’s delivery trucks or passenger cars, we cater to a wide range of vehicles from renowned automakers like Mitsubishi, Nissan, Lincoln, Volvo, Polestar, Rivian, KIA, BMW, Ford, and other leading OEMs. Our diverse portfolio includes charging products and solutions that cater to all types of electric vehicles. Rest assured; we have the ideal charging solution for you.

Backed by extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise, our team is committed to providing you with the best charging solutions and services. We understand the evolving nature of charging needs and aim to ensure you have access to top-notch charging infrastructure.

Let’s pave the way for a sustainable future powered by electric mobility.

Why You Need the Best EV Chargers?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained immense popularity as the world shifts towards sustainable transportation. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of an electric vehicle, it’s crucial to have the fastest EV chargers that provide reliable and efficient charging. The right EV charger can make all the difference, ensuring your vehicle runs longer, smoother, and without range anxiety.

NorthCharge, we offer the fastest EV chargers designed to meet your electric vehicle’s charging needs, making your charging experience effortless and convenient.

How EV Chargers Make Your Vehicle Run Longer and Smoother?

Investing in the best EV chargers is essential for optimizing the performance of your electric vehicle. Here’s how EV chargers contribute to a longer and smoother driving experience:

–  Efficient Charging The best EV chargers deliver fast and efficient charging, allowing you to power up your vehicle in less time. With high charging power, you can maximize your driving range and reduce charging downtime.

–  Smart Features Many EV chargers offer smart features such as smartphone connectivity, scheduling options, and energy monitoring. These features enable you to charge your vehicle conveniently and monitor your charging status, making it easier to plan your driving trips.

–  Compatibility – The best EV chargers are compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, ensuring a seamless charging experience regardless of your vehicle’s make or model. This compatibility gives you peace of mind and flexibility when charging your electric vehicle.

By investing in the best EV chargers, you can enhance the overall performance of your electric vehicle, extend its range, and enjoy a smoother and more convenient driving experience.

Fastest Home EV Chargers: Efficient Charging at Your Fingertips

NorthCharge, we offer the fastest home EV chargers that deliver efficient charging at your fingertips. Our fastest EV chargers are designed to provide high charging power, reducing the time it takes to charge your electric vehicle.

With advanced safety mechanisms, quick charging capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces, our EV chargers ensure a hassle-free and speedy charging experience.

best ev chargers

Features of the Fastest Home EV Chargers:

–  High charging power for rapid charging.

–  Quick charging capabilities to minimize charging time.

–  Advanced safety features for worry-free charging.

–  User-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls.

–  Compatibility with various electric vehicle models.

–  Energy monitoring and scheduling options for convenient charging.

best ev chargers

How to Know You’ve Got the Fastest EV Charger?

The fastest EV chargers are known for their high power, typically kilowatts (kW). When selecting an EV charger, look for models with higher kW ratings, as they will charge your electric vehicle faster. Additionally, check for safety certifications and positive customer reviews to ensure you get a reliable and efficient charging solution.

The benefits of the fastest home EV chargers are undeniable. Investing in a high-quality and speedy charging solution allows you to maximize your electric vehicle’s range, spend less time waiting for a full charge, and enjoy the convenience of efficient charging right at home.

Best Level 2 EV Chargers: Power and Versatility

Level 2 EV chargers offer a versatile and powerful charging solution for electric vehicle owners. At NorthCharge, our team of experts can guide you in selecting the right charging solution that best fits your lifestyle. We assure you of complete satisfaction with our work and the products we offer, and we eagerly await the opportunity to serve you.

What is Level 2 EV Chargers?

Level 2 EV chargers operate at a higher voltage and provide more power than Level 1 chargers. They require professional installation and are typically mounted on a wall or charging station. Level 2 chargers use a specialized connector, the SAE J1772 plug, which is compatible with most electric vehicles.

When Do You Need Level 2 EV Chargers?

Level 2 EV chargers are ideal for electric vehicle owners requiring faster charging speeds and maximizing their vehicle’s range. They are suitable for homes, workplaces, and public charging stations.

If you have a longer daily commute or need to charge multiple vehicles, investing in a Level 2 charger can significantly reduce charging time and provide greater convenience.

Difference Between Level 2 & Level 3 EV Chargers:

Level 2 EV chargers operate at 240 volts AC and typically provide charging speeds of up to 20-80 amps. In contrast, Level 3 chargers, also known as DC fast chargers, operate at higher voltages and currents, allowing for even faster charging speeds. Level 3 chargers are often found at public charging stations and are suitable for longer journeys or quick top-ups during travel.

NorthCharge, we offer the best Level 2 EV chargers that provide fast and reliable charging, enabling you to power up your electric vehicle quickly and efficiently. Our mission at NorthCharge. It is to be a leading provider of innovative, reliable electric vehicle charging solutions contributing to a sustainable future.

We aim to make electric vehicle charging more accessible, convenient, and affordable for drivers.

Best EV Chargers for 2023 – Grab the Right One You Need!

As we enter 2023, the market for EV chargers continues to evolve, offering advanced features and improved charging capabilities. NorthCharge, we stay at the forefront of charging technology to provide you with the best EV chargers.

Our variety includes:

Portable EV Chargers – Our portable EV chargers provide flexibility and convenience for charging. Designed for ease of use and compatibility with various electrical outlets, these chargers are perfect for travelers and those who require a portable charging solution.

Level 2 Smart Chargers – Our Level 2 smart chargers combine convenience, power, and smart features to enhance your charging experience. These chargers allow you to schedule charging sessions, monitor energy usage, and remotely control the charging process through a smartphone app.

Fastest Home EV Chargers – Our fastest home EV chargers deliver high charging power, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle quickly and efficiently. With advanced safety features and intuitive controls, these chargers make your charging experience seamless and worry-free.

What to Look for When Buying a Level 2 Charger?

–  Amperage Options:

Level 2 EV chargers have various charging speeds, primarily determined by how much amperage they can draw. Higher amperage results in faster charging but often comes at a higher cost. It’s important to consider your circuit breaker’s limitations as well.

According to the National Electrical Code, the circuit should be rated for 25 percent more amperage than the charger’s output. For example, a 50-amp outlet can support a 40-amp Level 2 EV charger.

–  Consider Cable Length:

When purchasing a Level 2 charger, it’s essential to ensure the cable can reach your electric vehicle’s charging port. Opting for a longer cable provides greater flexibility in choosing the charger’s placement. Most chargers come with an 18 ft cord, while some models offer cables that extend into the mid-20s.

–  Connectivity Features:

Level 2 chargers with smart features tend to have a higher price tag, but these added features can be worthwhile. With smartphone connectivity, you can monitor your charging session, schedule charging windows, and track the associated costs, providing a convenient and efficient charging experience.

–  Certifications for Safety:

To safeguard your home’s electrical system, it’s important to choose a charger that holds certifications for safety and electrical soundness. A UL certification indicates that the Level 2 charger meets the standards of OSHA and the National Electrical Code. Chargers meeting specific efficiency standards also receive ENERGY STAR certification from the EPA.

–  Outdoor Compatibility:

Most Level 2 chargers fall between NEMA 3 and 4 ratings, offering varying levels of protection from dust, debris, and light water exposure. NEMA 4 and 4X-rated chargers provide enhanced protection against water seepage and corrosion, although complete protection cannot be guaranteed.

–  Installation Considerations:

The installation process for a Level 2 EV charger can range from straightforward to complex and potentially expensive. Higher amperage units may charge your car more quickly but require hardwiring into your electrical system, incurring additional costs. If a 240V outlet is not readily accessible in your garage or carport, installing one can add to the overall installation expenses.

NorthCharge - Your Trusted Charging Solution

NorthCharge, we take pride in being your trusted provider of electric vehicle charging solutions. As a leading brand in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of EV chargers designed to meet your specific charging needs.

Whether you are looking for the fastest home EV chargers, Level 2 chargers, or the best EV chargers for 2023, we have you covered.


The speed of your home charger depends on the wiring setup in your residence. Most homes have a single-phase power supply, whereas commercial buildings typically have three-phase systems that handle higher power loads more efficiently. The fastest charger you can install is a 7kW unit for single-phase setups. You can opt for a 22kW charger if you have a three-phase system.

We highly recommend installing a 7kW charger, if possible, as it will replenish your car’s batteries twice as fast as a 3.6kW unit, similar to using a domestic three-pin socket. For example, a 3.6kW charger would take approximately 20 hours to fully charge the batteries in a Volkswagen ID 3, whereas a 7kW charger would accomplish the same task in just 10 hours.

It’s also important to consider the future when selecting your charger. If you currently own an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid with a smaller battery, having a faster charger will prove more advantageous if you switch to a car with a larger battery, which naturally requires more time to charge.

  • – Enhanced Stability and Reliability:

To address the challenges of the market and fulfill diverse customization requirements, we boast our dedicated hardware and software R&D team. This enables us to develop key components and systems independently, resulting in superior stability, reliability, and performance.

  • – Reduced Operation and Maintenance Costs:

Our patented charging control system ensures seamless consistency between hardware and software, facilitating optimal equipment integration. This enhances system stability and allows for easier equipment management and data acquisition. Consequently, our solution significantly reduces operation and maintenance expenses, providing a cost-effective charging solution.

  • – Consistency through Independent Development:

We take pride in our self-developed and patented charging control system, guaranteeing the harmonious interplay of hardware and software components. This meticulous attention to system consistency improves overall performance and minimizes operational and maintenance costs.

  • – Quality Assurance via Rigorous Testing:

We subject our chargers to rigorous testing under challenging conditions to ensure top-notch quality. By simulating adverse weather scenarios such as rain, wind, and high temperatures, we validate the durability and reliability of our devices in outdoor environments. This comprehensive testing process guarantees that our chargers can perform flawlessly, even in unfavorable weather conditions.

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