Installing Your ANC EV Charger has never been easier

Note: In some/all regions, it is imperative to get city's approval for installation in case additional wiring or circuit breaker changes are need. Please check with your Hydro supplier before installation.

Drill the necessary holes at a suitable location
Connect the charger to the main phase
Download app & Configure
Start Charging

Download Guide for detailed instructions

Select from NorthCharge Home EV Charger Line

Select Power Output Option
  • 32A / 18FT
  • 40A / 18FT
  • 48A / 18FT
  • 48A / 25FT

48A / 25FT
  • Power Output: 11.5KW Ampere: 48A Frequency: 50 - 60Hz Net Weight: 18.1lbs Charging Interface: SAE J1772 Operating Temp.: -22 - 122 F Cable Length: 25ft
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Select from our Business EV Charger Line

Select Power Output Option

  • 40A

  • 48A

  • 70A

  • 80A

  • 90A

  • Power Output: 22.4KW Ampere: 90A Frequency: 50 - 60Hz Net Weight: 22.8lbs Charging Interface: SAE J1772 Operating Temp.: -22 - 122 F Cable Length: 18ft
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Select from NorthCharge Home EV Charger Line

Select Power Output Option
  • 7.6kW
  • 9.6kW
  • 11.5kW


Elevate your charging experience with our cutting-edge technology, designed to seamlessly integrate with solar systems while ensuring optimal dynamic load balancing

  • Elegant Design Power Output: 11.5kW Ampere: 48A Screen: 2.8’ LCD Mood Lights: Customize colors OCPP 1.6J & RFID Reader Net Weight: 14lbs Charging Connector: SAE J1772 Cable Length: 18ft Start & Stop Button for plug & charge
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Choose from our selection of High Quality Level 2 and Level 3 chargers to efficiently complete tasks and generate revenue
(certifications available)

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Select from our range of DC Level 3 Chargers for your Fleet Charging requirements

Our DC Fast Chargers are designed specifically for Commercial / Fleet use, delivering fast and powerful charging to keep the electric vehicles running & charging smoothly. Our DC Fast Chargers are the ideal solution for commercial fleets and businesses that rely on electric vehicles. All products are safety compliant and have been tested based on North American standards

DC Chargers Power Ranges from 30KW - 180KW
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  • Automatic Infrastructure Diagnostics

    A smart alert and self-recovery system nearly eliminates the need for human maintenance.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Charging session details and metrics provide business analysis cost optimization.

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Seamless navigation and data visualization provide an instant snapshot of any site or the entire network.

  • Remote Operation Management

    North Charge EV OS is
    scalable: Bring a Single station or entire charging network to a single platform.

  • Easy Access to Information

    Enhance the EV Charging Experience For drivers By Controlling The Location and pictures of each charging Site

  • Pricing Versatility

    Optimize business opportunities with automatic peak-hour pricing, fully controlled by station owners.

Effortlessly Manage And Monetize Your EV Charging Stations with Our Robust Software Solution

The NorthCharge EV OS powered by Noodeo, is capable of operating a single charging station or an entire network. With this system, users can enjoy hands-free station operation that includes automatic service delivery, payment processing, and operation management. Additionally, the North Charge EV OS delivers one of the highest service uptimes in the industry

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